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Have You ever experienced uncomfortable eyelash extensions just a couple of days after a fresh new set?

I would quickly categorise this into 3 sections and will share some insights into why it might have happened & how to follow proper eyelash aftercare to prevent it all.


  1. “Stickies ” in new your eyelash extension set ;
  2. Eyelash extensions applied too close to the skin;
  3. Proper eyelash extension aftercare;

First of all, I would like to address the quality of work done. There are two main reasons why eyelash “feels” and aftercare can be compromised – just because of possible mistakes the technician is doing. For one, if Your new eyelash extensions have so-called “stickies” you would feel eyelashes “pinching”. As if you want to constantly itch them,  yet when You brush them it feels absolutely normal. That feeling would not come straight away. I would say it would take 3-7 days after your set, as your eyelashes need to grow a bit, before starting to pull each other. This practice, if happens constantly, can cause a hell of damage to Your or Your client natural lashes, causing prematurely forced shed. When this is happening time after time – it can cause micro-injuries inside the eyelash follicle and eyelashes can stop growing or start growing inwards causing a painful lump, that would need to be attended to by a doctor. Why and how your eyelashes get glued together is another whole new topic, but just to name a few

  • eyelash extension technicians might not be using the right speed glue;
  • the technique itself can have main faults;
  • maybe it is just too much “volume” too quick with too poor of the technique.


uncomfortable eyelash extensions

The second from uncomfortable eyelash extensions – eyelash technicians can be doing it wrong by applying eyelashes too close to the skin (sometimes even glueing them onto the lid – scary I know). This would be felt straight away or the next day after a new eyelash extension set and would ease out in the first week (roughly) –  again because eyelashes are constantly growing, shedding and changing. Over that time by daily brushing and washing, you would loosen up the little spots where the glue touched the skin. As for a specific uncomfortable feeling – it would be kind of scratching your or clients eyes, they would report a “glue in my eye” feeling, especially if the lower layers of eyelashes with extensions glued closer than it should be. Also, brushing them would feel
“relieving” as it would itch the lid. Also, this mistake can actually cause lid irritation, which would cause them to swell and be mistaken for eyelash extension allergy.

From my personal experience – when that happens clients have a constant need to scratch them. This is not only affecting retention but can be the reason why a client can get conjunctivitis or so-called “pink eye”.  A lot of times conjunctivitis can happen anytime to anyone, but constant dirty (not washed) hands touching the eye area can surely boost the possibility of getting a bacteria or a virus into Your body and infect eyes.

uncomfortable eyelash extensions

The third of uncomfortable eyelash extensions reasons would be client aftercare at home and a proper eyelash washing routine. Same as your hair, if left unwashed for a day or two too long, your hair and scalp skin would become itchy (flaky sometimes) and obviously full of oils and environmental dirt and dust. It is the same with Your eyelash extensions, especially a more meticulous wash technique is needed when a person is wearing volume eyelash extensions. The reason washing lashes is so important is this thing called Blepharitis, and believe you don’t what that feeling. So the best way to prevent is to WASH YOUR LASHES.

Let me share some knowledge about Blepharitis. It is one of the most common eyelashes base  (waterline), eyelid conditions that is characterized by inflammation, scaling, reddening, and crusting of the eyelid. This condition may also cause burning, itching, or a grainy sensation when introducing foreign objects or substances to the eye. Although blepharitis is not sight-threatening, it can lead to permanent alterations of the eyelid margin. Overall it is a result of bacteria and inflammation from congested oil glands at the base of each eyelash that happens if a person, wearing eyelash extensions, is neglecting proper wash advice. Other conditions may give rise to blepharitis, whether they be infectious or noninfectious, including, but not limited to, bacterial infections or allergies.

uncomfortable eyelash extensions

Prevention is as simple as routine washing of the eyelids helps subdue symptoms and prevent blepharitis. Washing each eyelid for 30 seconds, twice a day if already having all the symptoms, with a single drop of hypoallergenic soap (e.g. lash shampoo or QV sensitive wash (you can find Link here)  and ample water can help. Make sure, when using any wash to wash out excess soapiness, as most of those washing products contain glycerin which also can affect retention in long run. The most effective lash shampoo that I personally use and recommend to purchase from me is Prolong lash wash link .

If you experience any discomfort in regards to your eyes- always seek help / ask questions from your lash technician and/or GP. Do not let it go as just simple prevention as this can help to avoid any of the discomforts in the future.