Eye styling


1 day Comprehensive Training for  Advanced Artists

Theory + Practice on live model

You mastered the skill of classics and volume , but feeling a bit blah about Your styling game?

Wanting to provide personalised looks for Your clients ?

Conduct better consultations ?



Why Choose Eye Styling Class?

Customized Looks

Learn how to analyze clients' facial features, eye shapes, and preferences to create personalized lash designs that enhance their natural beauty.

Competitive Edge

Setting yourself apart as an expert in advanced eye styling boosts your reputation, attracting clients seeking top-notch, intricate lash designs and positioning you as a sought-after lash artist in the industry.

Versatile Skills

Master a variety of advanced eye styling techniques, allowing you to offer a diverse range of lash looks that cater to different occasions and client preferences.

Client Satisfaction

With a deeper understanding of advanced eye styling, you'll be able to exceed client expectations by delivering results that perfectly complement their individual features.

Eye styling
Eye styling
Eye styling
Eye styling

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