UV glue


UV Glue

Rapid Curing: UV lash glue cures quickly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This rapid curing time allows lash extension professionals to work more efficiently, reducing the overall application time.

Instant Bonding: The quick curing process of UV lash glue means that lash extensions bond instantly upon exposure to UV light. This helps prevent lashes from shifting or moving during the application process.

Precise Placement: The rapid curing of UV lash glue ensures that lash extensions stay in place once they are applied, allowing for precise and accurate placement on the natural lashes.

Long-Lasting Bond: UV lash glue forms a strong and durable bond between the lash extension and the natural lash. This bond can last longer than traditional eyelash adhesives, contributing to the longevity of the lash extensions.

Flexibility and Comfort: UV lash glue is formulated to provide a comfortable and flexible bond that moves with the natural lashes. This helps prevent discomfort and irritation for the client.

Clear and Transparent Bond: UV lash glue dries to a clear, transparent , slightly shiny finish , creating a seamless look that blends with the natural lashes. This enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the lash extensions.

No Fumes: UV lash glue typically emits fewer fumes compared to traditional lash adhesives, making the application process more comfortable for both the lash artist and the client.

No Odor: UV lash glue adhesive often has little to no noticeable odor, creating a more pleasant environment during the lash extension application.

Less Sensitivity: Some individuals may experience less sensitivity or allergic reactions to UV lash glue compared to other lash adhesive formulations.

Efficient Application: The quick curing process of UV lash glue allows lash artists to complete more appointments in a day, increasing their overall productivity.

Secure Bond: UV lash glue creates a secure bond that helps prevent lash extensions from prematurely falling off or losing their shape.

Less Potential for Lash Damage: The fast curing time reduces the likelihood of lashes sticking together during application, minimizing the risk of damaging the natural lashes. Small amount of glue is required as bond is extremally strong. Due to bond being strong, infill time , please be careful removing outgrown lashes. I advice on resisting to use “banana peel”   method as this method can damage lashes.

Precise Control: Lash artists can have better control over the bonding process due to the immediate curing of the adhesive upon exposure to UV light.



Why Choose UV Lash Adhesive from Astise?

Precise Application

The ability to cure the glue with UV light gives lash artists more time to perfect the placement of each lash extension before the curing process begins, resulting in precise and impeccable results.


The controlled curing process of UV lash glue systems can lead to increased efficiency during application, allowing lash technicians to work more swiftly and accurately. Forget retention guessing game , forget humidity and temperature headaches.

Reduced Sensitivity

UV lash glue systems are often formulated to be hypoallergenic and gentle on the eyes, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and sensitivity for clients.


The bonding achieved through UV curing tends to be more robust and longer-lasting, providing clients with lashes that stay in place for an extended period.

UV glue
UV glue
UV glue
UV glue

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