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Is A Patch Test really essential?

Because we put your safety first, A patch test is necessary for every tinting treatment we carry out (both lashes & brows alike). It is essential that only a small amount of henna dye is applied in an area away from the eyes, incase an allergic reaction were to occur it would be in an area that would be less affected than anywhere as sensitive.

What happens if I’m allergic to the tint?

This is very rare, only clients with very sensitive skin really get any sort of allergic reaction and even if you do experience some redness or itching, it’s extremely unlikely it will be severe. Should you experience redness, or any other kind of allergic reaction splash the area with cold water and avoid using any perfume or makeup products on the area until the reaction has disappeared. Unfortunately, if you do experience any kind of reaction from the tint, we cannot carry out the tinting treatment. It’s very important that you inform us that you have had an allergic reaction, as your safety is even more important to us that beautiful brows!

How long do you need to leave a patch test on?

It will take less than five minutes. We will apply a dab of colour to your skin, usually behind your ear. Leave the colour on for 48 hours and monitor your skin carefully to see if you have any reactions. Be aware of any itching, burning sensations, or redness around the area.

I’ve had a henna colour before. Do I need a skin test?

If you have henna regularly, you won’t need another skin test. If you change your colour/brand/ technician, or haven’t had a colour for a while, you will need to have another skin test. Remember, anyone can become allergic to a colour at any time, so it doesn’t matter if you have had that henna applied before. You will still need the test to make sure you will be safe.

The allergy test cannot predict future allergic reactions.

Please consult a doctor if you have any doubts!

If you decide to go on for henna treatment without a patch test performed 48H prior your first appointment with Lashed and Proud it is upon your responsibility should you experience any allergic reactions.

If  reaction occurs you must head to doctor for antihistamine and steroid medications. Do not wait as it might get worse with time.

Allergy signs: itchy and swelled skin within 24-48h

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